If you’ve never experienced Money Summit, you are missing a lot!

Since 2010, over 10,000 people have experienced Money Summit & Wealth Expo. 98% say they are satisfied or very satisfied with the event. More importantly, the event changed not only their perspective but their behavior.

Every year we survey participants. Last year, only 29% said they invest 20% or more of their income. That’s before attending Money Summit. But after the event, 64% – more than double – pledged to invest at least 20% of what they earn. And 96% said they will invest within 1 year from the event.

What Participants Say

We can’t fit all the testimonials from past delegates, but here is just a sampling:

“This is one of the best conferences I have ever attended where I learned a lot!” – Marieta R. Cruz

Very informative, inspiring, and challenging. – Mavic A. Paras, MSA Academic Advancement Institution

High value for my money and time. The knowledge after and meeting people are priceless. I want to learn more! This conference helped clear away the gray areas. – Claire Tangonan

It is very informative and offers many options in income earning opportunities. There’s a lot to be learned in just one conference. – Joyce C. Ebilane, SMYPC

My mind has been opened and I now have a proper mindset. It gave me courage to pursue my goal. – Jellette Julian

I get to know the firms and people who can help me in investing and trading. – Shyla Villanueva

Money Summit opened my mind to different investment opportunities. – Theresa Banta

It gave me exposure to different investments. – Roderick A. Vinluan, RFM Corp.

It gave me insights on how to invest and grow my wealth. – Silver Vil Nino Andrada

I gained knowledge in investment instruments. – Richard T. Cadiz

It was an eye opener. It’s the best of all conferences I attended. – Diomel F. Santiago, Wyeth Phils. Inc.

It helped me get out of my previous mindset of dealing with my money – Edwin Roberto Concepcion, UP Diliman

I’m empowered, motivated, and informed. – Liezel Ramirez

It’s an eye opener. – Lynda Sison, freelancer

It opened my mind to investments and helped me evaluate my life’s goals. – Ritchard Acao, Kingrich Pharmacy

All topics are beneficial but the ones on real estate and currency market really struck me a lot. – Susan Sembrano

I like the good speakers and relevant topics. – Priscilla Buelva, National Bookstore

It helped me discover forex trading. – Wilbert S. Lirag, Philippine Econology Corporation

It opened our minds to investing. – Daisy M. Solitana

It opened me to diversify investment instruments. The topics are very relevant to our current situation. – Mario Borja

It gave me insights that I didn’t think of before. – Elmar M. Tomolin

It has provided me an array of companies where we can invest in. – Jonalaine Rose Ann M. Kuizon

I gained knowledge on investing my money in the right place. It offered an opportunity to learn about companies that provide investments. – Charitie Maratas, Accenture Inc.

It helped me recalibrate/recheck my allocations and investments. – Gwendolyn Moreno, BIZWIZ

It opened my eyes about investments. I’m enlightened! – Myla M. Belleza, World Vision Int’l.

It enlightened me on what to do with my savings. – Jennifer E. Gebilaguin

It provided an avenue to learn about investments. – Gwendolyn Garcia,
United Vinyl Corp.

It added my knowledge about different investment vehicles. – Vangee Grace Villares, Travellers Insurance

I met people who have the same mindset as mine. – Rony Masagca, Toshiba

It validated what I already know. – Jay de Ramos, AXA

It helped me to expand my knowledge in the field of finance. – Ma. Thelma Aurora S. Caoile

It helped me how to save and how to invest the money in a good way. – Diane Castillo

It helped me to understand the things that I wanted to know about, like the relationship of inflation, interest, etc. – Jamaica Villegas

It helped me to understand the process of investing. – Zaira P. Adante

I learned more about managing an investment portfolio. I liked the high caliber speakers. – Ruel Carmen

It helped me increased my financial knowledge/literacy on particular investments. – Anthony L. Endrenal

Great speakers, great topics! – Percy De Leon

It opened my mind to other opportunities. – Jayledeo Charles Angeles

It offered new products and new networks in finance and real estate. – Christopher Balbuena

Money Summit opened my mind to different investment opportunities. – Theresa Banta

Money Summit has helped me diversify. It inspired me to take higher risks. – Von Infante

The speakers are very knowledgeable. I learned to make my money work for me and ways to beat inflation. – Elsa E. Marcelo

It made me realize how important to save for my retirement. It opened my mind regarding investing/saving for the future. – Florencima B. Jose

This opportunity is an eye opener for me. This helped me to jumpstart my investments. – Reo Nore P. Padilla

I have a better understanding of financial investments. – Alec Tempongko

It widened my vision. – Vincent James Tio

It presented a lot of options and gave practical advice from the speakers. – Michelle Brillante, Goetz Moving & Storage

It offered me a choice of different investment vehicles.  – Edgar M. Belaro, Trendmicro Inc.

I got better information from the right persons and motivated me to start investing tomorrow. – Nico Abais

I learned the idea to diversify my investments. Money Summit has credible speakers and interesting topics. – Von Infante, Lafarge

It affirmed the financial strategy I have researched. Money Summit gave sound advice from reputable sources. – Mark Tan

It added knowledge in different investment opportunities. – Christiane Margaux Lim, Mitchell Madison Group

It increased my awareness on real estate. I like the variety of topics. – Patrick Santos

It served as an inspiration to move forward and act outside my comfort zone. – Arianne Marielle Ormita

It offered me clearer insights. – Evelyn Brajas

It taught me a lot of tips and rule of thumbs regarding investing especially in real estate. – Melvin Eduarte, Health Solutions Enterprises Inc.

I learned different aspects of wealth accumulation. Now I know when to and when not to invest. – Emmanuel Ciubal

It has opened my mind to new possibilities and gave practical and attainable recommendations. – Cynthia V. Lao

It offered different options for investments. – Lovella M. Go

It taught me the different investment options available. – Jozie Guillermo

It gave me a good background on stocks. I like the informative and good speakers. – Elaine Navarro

It improved my decision making in entering and getting out of the market. – Jerome E. Francisco

I became more educated. It is very informative. – Marvin T. See

It enabled and enlightened me with different types of investments. – Benzt Marie S. Manalo

It made me start investing early and actively. – Zane Andrew A. Pulumbarit

As a beginner in this area, it helped me to understand when and what to do before investing. – Myrna Maglipac

It’s very informative, very helpful, with lots of opportunities, it provided different kinds of investment. – Marvin Ford P. Villavicencio

It gave me exposure to experienced stock analysts and investors. – Caloy Morada

It has very informative topics on the stock market. – Manuel Tesoro

It gave me the opportunity to learn from different experts. I’ve learned more about the differerent types of investments. – Quinlene Mercullo

It has inspired me to continue investing. – Francisco Gumahad

It inspired me to save and invest. – Edgar Cuajotor

My mind has been opened and it have me a proper mindset. It gave me courage to pursue my goal. – Jellette Julian

Money Summit helped me to decide what kind of investing I should do, either real estate, stock or forex. – Jan Lester Julian

The speakers were able to clarify about issues that our company is encountering for the past years. – Jertie Abergas

It gave me more details to be rich and exposure to grow financially. – Janette Muyna

I love the powerful speakers! – Duque Maria Cecilia

I like the reputable and good speakers and also the good topics. – Mary Odesa Gandeza

It gave me new perspectives. Good crew and organizers. – Ruel Gandeza

It’s a venue for collaboration and networking. – Ruby Janet Ortiz

It helped me to become more informed investor. – Galope Kristine

Indeed it opened my mind not to be afraid of investing. I like the fact that theyprovide opportunities for Filipinos to invest. – Ian Gin Lontoc

I learned more and have more connections. It’s a one-stop shop for investments. – Noelle Wenceslao

It changed most of my strategies into better ones in investing and planning. – Ian Gabriel Dungan

It broadened my knowledge on real estate investing. The speakers are very engaging, reputable, and experts in their own fields. – Louis Banzon

I got to know the firms and people who can help me in investing and trading. I learned about the financial markets – stocks and forex trading. – Shyla S. Villanueva

What You Will Learn

At the 10th Money Summit & Wealth Expo, you will learn all these topics from the most credible and reputable experts:

Day 1

  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Investing: How Emotions and Biases Affect Your Investment Decisions – Rex Mendoza
  • Money Lessons From On the Money – Salve Duplito and Edric Mendoza
  • Active Versus Passive Stock Market Investing – Valerie Pama
  • How Do You Travel Without Going Broke? – Mica Tan
  • 20 Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make – Noli Alleje
  • Profiting from Forex – Benjamin Chang

Day 2: Real Estate Investing Summit

  • Profiting From Tax Delinquent Properties – Jay Castillo
  • How to Make Money From Office Rentals – Carl Dy
  • Building a Legacy: Build and Sell & Other Real Estate Strategies – Maves Angeles
  • Selling Your Properties Online – Christopher Watine
  • How to Profit From Foreclosed Houses, Apartments, and Raw Land – Noli Alleje
  • The ABCs of Earning From Airbnb – Dolorita Lara, Princeton Lee, Anton de Guzman

Day 2: Stock Market Investing Summit

  • Dividend Investing for Conservative Investors – Enrico Chua
  • Find the Next Hot Stock in 5 Minutes – Gordon Foo
  • After the Elections: Where Are The Profits? – John Mangun
  • Value Strategy For Long-Term Investing – Michael Garcia
  • How the Stock Market Can Change Your Life – JC Bisnar
  • Super Stocks and Market Outlook – Roy Reyes

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