Money Summit & Wealth Expo
  • Money-Summit---A-Unique-Event

    A Unique Event

    Money Summit & Wealth Expo is the No. 1 investing and trading conference and expo in the Philippines. The pioneer in investment conferences, it has since been imitated but never matched.

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  • Money-Summit---Access-to-Investment-Experts

    Access to Investment Experts

    For the past six runs, Money Summit & Wealth Expo has featured the foremost experts in stocks, forex, funds, and real estate.

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  • Money-Summit---A-Marketplace-of-Investment-Options

    A Marketplace of Investment Options

    Money Summit & Wealth Expo is the biggest trade show for the investment community.

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  • Money-Summit---The-Gold-Standard

    The Gold Standard

    As the pioneer, Money Summit & Wealth Expo is the gold standard in investment conferences in the Philippines.

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  • Money-Summit---High-Income-Investors

    High Income Investors

    Money Summit attracts a highly qualified audience of beginner and intermediate-level investors and traders.

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  • Money-Summit---High-Impact

    High Impact

    Money Summit has an enormous impact in investor behavior. Participants have called it "an eye-opener" and "life changing."

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  • Money-Summit---High-Energy

    High Energy

    Money Summit & Wealth Expo is not just an educational event, it’s an experience.

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7 Reasons You Should Attend Money Summit
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7 Reasons You Should Attend Money Summit

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  • Money-Summit---Logo-Square
    For Passive Investors

    The perfect learning opportunity for long-term, passive-style investors.

  • Stock-Market-Investing-Summit---Logo-Square
    For Stock Traders

    Get intermediate-level topics for active and experienced stock traders.

  • Real-Estate-Investing-Summit---Logo-Square
    For Property Investors

    Beginner and intermediate-level topics for real estate investors.

  • Forex-Trading-Summit---Logo-Square
    For Forex Traders

    Forex trading topics and platform demos for beginning and intermediate-level forex traders.

  • Wealth-Expo---Logo-Square
    Financial Institutions

    Expo featuring banks, investment companies, insurance firms, stock brokers, and forex brokers.

  • Property-Expo---Logo-Square
    Property Firms

    Exhibit showcasing real estate projects and other opportunities in the property market.

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